Viking Express Dumpster Bags: Discover a Streamlined Waste Disposal Solution in Belton.


viking express dumpster bag pick up

Convenient and Cost-Effective Waste Removal

Explore the convenient and cost-effective solution to waste disposal in Belton with Viking Express Junk Removal’s Dumpster Bags. For a one-time fee of $220, these bags offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional pick-up services or dumpster rentals. Enjoy free home delivery by placing your order online, with bags typically delivered the following day.

Versatility at an Affordable Price

Viking Express Junk Removal’s Dumpster Bags are affordable and versatile. They can accommodate various non-hazardous materials, including household and construction debris, as well as commercial waste. Note that they are not suitable for heavy materials such as dirt, rock, tile, and concrete. The rate includes pick-up service with direct loading access.

Effortless Pick-Up Process

Ensure a smooth process by placing the filled Dumpster Bag at the curb, driveway, or just inside your garage for easy truck or trailer access. Additional fees may apply if the bag needs to be removed without direct loading access.

Simple Scheduling for Pick-Up

To schedule a pick-up after filling your Dumpster Bag, use our convenient online scheduler. The $220 one-time purchase covers pick-up and disposal of up to 3000 pounds of waste, with a $75 surcharge for each additional tonnage above this limit. The dimensions of the Dumpster Bag are 96” x 48” x 30”.

Dumpster Bag FAQ

The cost for our Dumpster Bag service is $220, which is inclusive of all fees. This is approximately half the price of standard small dumpster rental rates.

No, customers are not bound by a rental period. You have the flexibility to take as much time as you need to load the Dumpster Bag.

Yes, hazardous materials such as oils, paint, and other chemicals are restricted. Additionally, heavy items like bricks, shingles, rocks, tile, and dirt cannot be placed in the bag. For assistance with larger jobs or heavy materials, contact Viking Express Junk Removal for more information.

To schedule a pick-up, use the schedule tool below. Choose your preferred date and time for convenient collection.

Yes, we provide pick-up services for any brand of Dumpster Bag at a rate of $190.

Absolutely, for larger jobs or heavy materials, customers can contact Viking Express Junk Removal for more information and to arrange for a crew to come to the site for a haul-off.


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