Beyond Traditional Services.

 Viking Express Junk Removal offers more than just traditional junk removal services; we provide customers with comprehensive light demolition solutions. Our skilled team is equipped to handle various tasks, from dismantling old decks to tearing out showers, removing cabinets, or even demolishing entire rooms within your home.

Professional Demolition, Hassle-Free Solutions.

 When it comes to home projects, our experienced demolition experts ensure a seamless and efficient process. Whether you’re renovating your living space or upgrading specific areas, entrust the job to Viking Express Junk Removal. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services that save you both time and money, offering a hassle-free solution to your demolition needs.

Exclusive Discounts for Comprehensive Services.

 At Viking Express Junk Removal, customer satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we provide exclusive discount pricing to customers utilizing our demolition services. We not only assist in the teardown process but also take care of hauling away the debris afterward. This comprehensive approach streamlines the entire experience, allowing you to focus on your project without the added hassle of debris removal. Choose Viking Express Junk Removal for a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to your demolition and debris removal needs.

Light Demolition


Are you tired of battling the clutter in your space? Viking Express is here to conquer your junk and restore order to your surroundings! Our mighty team of junk warriors is ready to embark on a mission to vanquish unwanted items and clear the path to a decluttered and serene space.